KYWG 073 Northern Kentucky Senior Squadron
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Welcome to the Northern Kentucky Senior Squadron website.

We are a very active senior squadron of the Civil Air Patrol based at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati. If you're interested in aviation, serving your community, and collaborating with like minded individuals, we want to meet you!

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Kentucky From The Air

If you think Kentucky is a lush green beautiful state, wait until you see it from the air! We offer aircrew positions for all of our members, and you don't have to be a pilot to serve.

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Search and Rescue

Looking for a new aviation challenge? Search and Rescue is a core part of what we do.

Cadet and Teacher Orientation Flights

One of our favorite missions involves flying cadets and allowing them to apply the knowledge they learn in the Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Program. We also fly school teachers who participate in our Teacher Orientation Program!

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Mountain Flying SAREX

N188CP taking a well earned break at Middlesboro-Bell County Airport. The Civil Air Patrol train to conduct their Emergency Services work in all terrains and mountain flying is an important component in which we practice.

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Night Operations

Search and rescue doesn't have to stop after sunset. We fly with equipment that can locate an aircraft ELT and pilots in distress whenever we are required 24/7/365.

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